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  The Jewelry Cafe Artist Co-Operative is proud to support and feature the work of more than 80 local, regional and national artists.
Seven years ago, The Jewelry Cafe opened it's doors as a jewelry artist co-operative and looked to distinguish itself as the premier place to find handcrafted jewelry in Connecticut.  We were soon featured on the Better Connecticut TV show with Teresa LaBarbara and Scott Haney and viewers were able to step inside our shop and view our extensive hand made jewelry and gift selections. 
Soon, word began to spread about our little shop!  We began to expand beyond jewelry to include hand painted silk scarves, pottery, organic candles, hand painted furniture, clocks, mirrors, organic bath and body products, up-cycled and re-cycled items of all sorts, dog collars and leashes, night lights, artwork and so much more! 
What people were most excited about - the fact they could support an American artist, get a unique item and spend less than what they would have expected to spend!  Our artists get most of the retail price - which means you get a GREAT deal!!!Seriously, our prices can't be beat! 

For years, people who stopped in for a visit asked if we had a website where they could purchase our items - NOW WE DO!!!  We are excited to offer our unique creations to everyone in the United States!!!   Simply hit the "SHOP" button on the left and scroll through our current inventory.  We will remove any item that has been sold and replace it with new items every week.  Now, no matter where you live, you can get our exclusive deals.

We appreciate your visit to our site and hope you enjoy your stay enough to share us with your best friends!